Tea Tree Oil

Being that my husband is on medications that can affect his liver, we are sometimes challenged in finding medications that could help with other ailments that are over the counter.  For example, he cannot take ibuprofen for a simple headache.  Currently, we have been having difficulties with toe nail fungus.  He has tried EVERYTHING except for tea tree oil.

We were discussing this with friends of ours when our elderly friend suggested Tea Tree Oil.  I was desperate to find something that could work…however, tea tree oil???

So I went to our local Trader Joe’s, and purchased a bottle of Tea Tree Oil, and we began to try it out applying twice a day to the nail beds and nails of the feet of my husband.  It was not a pleasant smelling oil…but we were willing to try.  Within a week, he stated his toes were no longer tender from the fungus…

Now, two months out, half of his nails are growing out normal…huge victory for us! Maybe these old remedies aren’t something to be ignored…


Author: Love and Mental Illness

A Mid-40's Mother, Nurse, Caretaker, Lover, Cook, Dancer

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